12 December 2007

Shaman - Raven Dreamdancer

I went yesterday to a shaman's concert. Here is the link to her website http://www.whole-earth.tv/
She is a good friend of me, Raven Dreamdancer. She is a sound Shaman, the first in this kind of style. The sound that she makes is beautiful. You close your eyes and you just fallow the sound and your imagination. It is a fantasy art pure sang.
I painted the most beautiful fantasy art painting that I ever made in my entire life.
Imagine the cosmos, the intense, unending, infinite, disinterested, endless, indisputable, careless, unjustified, absolute, unintentional, sleepless, independent, ruthless, unfeeling, insolence cosmos and than floating free sprites somewhere there. Just floating in this horrible cosmos.....beautiful

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