13 September 2008

My FantasyArt images

Some Fantasy Art images, photos and paintings I made.

  1. Weird World - based on a picture of the sky I took a year ago at the Beacon Hill. I manipulated the photo, I turned it around.
  2. Fantasy - The green part of this image is a photo - I took it in Williton, it is a meadow/ a field a few minutes walk from our house here. The dark part I painted in the Adobe Photoshop.
  3. Fantasy Evening in Cologne - I love Cologne, I think it is a wonderful city, great museums, very interesting collection of art, nice city for a long walk, the old part is small but cosy. And the Cathedral is just amazing. But about the photo - ordinary photo with some extra visual effects - the planets. When we stood at the other side of the river and were taking the photos of the evening, the bridge and the Dom I just thought/ had a vision "it will be wonderful if you could see beautiful big planets in the sky in that spring time...in Cologne (don't do any association with the song Spring Time for Hitler from the Producers (nota bene I love this movie)). Made in Photoshop too.
  4. Panta Rhei - my oil on canvas painting. The inspiration for this painting was Callas, Maria Callas. I listened to her singing the most beautiful arias from the less popular operas and just painted. By the way Panta Rhei means " everything is in a state of flux". This is a famous aphorism and it comes from Simplicius but it used to used to characterize Heraclitus, one of the greatest Greek philosophers. Phanta Rhei: the ocean, the bird, and the doors to our desires and our dreams and our subconscious.
  5. Wormhole - this is pure digital image. I was experimented with Photo Shop and discovered per accident lots of possibilities presented inside the Adobe Photoshop. I drew some stuff and than just used some tools I discovered. It is fun!
More digital images you can find at my facebook page:

I would love to here your comments what do you think about my surreal/ digital/ fantasy art paintings/ work.

Some of the images are available as wallpapers. Here is the link to that page:


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