24 May 2009

Graffiti in Exeter

Exeter is an old, interesting and thereby very picturesque city. It was probably somewhat in March when I discovered this Fantasy Graffiti painting at the walls of the under-street passage for bikes and pedestrians. I took some photos. Maybe I didn't know where to look but I couldn’t find a signature or a sign so I do not know the creator.

I am a fan of graffiti art; some of the wall paintings are amazing, they are really excellent. I think that this kind of art (maybe abstract art, too) could be compared to jazz music - spontaneous, improvisational and real. I would once try again to paint on a wall, this time outdoor.

My passion for painting became prominent for the first time when I was 4 years old. It was somewhere in the summer time, our apartment has just been painted; you could still smell the fresh paints on the walls. The kitchen was full of fresh fruits: lots of different berries and currents – just imagine all the pure, beautiful colours and pigments. My parents weren’t at home and our nanny went to our neighbour (no idea why). Only me and my oldest brother and of course the walls and the fruits were there. I have no idea how I convinced my brother to help me with this performance but I did. We carried the boxes with the fruits to the living room and we started to cover the walls with the colourful juice leaking out the fruits,we pushed and rubbed them against the walls. What a happening! Unfortunately I don’t remember anything about what I felt and what kind of effect had my first spontaneous artistic creation “Graffiti Indoor” on others. I have been told that my parents weren’t happy and they punished me in the traditional way: they spanked me. But even that my bottom was hurt and painful it didn’t discourage me to try other indoor walls. I did it on and off almost my whole life, by and large. It is a pity that there are no photos, no documentation of my wall paintings.


Thomas Sheridan Artist said...


That's it.

Muminek said...

I discovered the name of the artist Andy Alleyway! Thanks to my fellow artist from Exeter.