1 January 2010

Four Season - Winter and Automn in Dunchideock

Autoumn in Dunchideock by Kasia B. Turajczyk

Winter in Dunchideock by Kasia B. Turajczyk
My fantasy abstract paintings from the series Four Seasons. (it has nothing to do with The Four Seasons of Vivaldi; however I love his four violin concertos, especially when listen to the concertos in Venice)
I painted first "Autumn in Dunchideock" acrylic painting , without the intention of it being a part of a series. But yesterday I painted Winter in Dunchideock and now I am sure that spring and summer will fallow.
In both paintings I used acrylics plus lots of weird materials. My fantasies about the seasons, vou la!

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sanjeev kumar babbar said...

u r a very bold artist kasia it is very difficult to use so many colours and compose them automn and winter are beautiful collection i think