23 October 2012

Liebster Award!

I totally forgot to mention that I was nominated for a Liebster Award. I also forgot to thank Miguel for such a nice recognition of my hard work and hours spent to make this blog as good as possible.

Miguel who has an excellent blog - http://storberose.blogspot.pt/- about literature in general and Portuguese Literature in English, nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award along with 4 other bloggers who have excellent and unusual blogs, but less than 200 readers/followers.

I was really happy with this recognition and although it is not a real award and it will change nothing in my life, it made my day. I don't post every day because I am busy with so many things and English is not my first or second or even third language. Therefore it costs me more time to write the post, but when I do it it is very often about totally new, marvellous artists (for most of you) or about unusual topics connected to surreal, magical and fantastic art.

Thank you Miguel!

I promise to write more. At the moment I have 5 really interesting posts to finish. One is about a, for the most of you unknown, Austrian-German painter from XX century, who had such an incredible talent and made most unusual, fantastic, magical etchings. His work will really surprise you.

Another is about one of the top contemporary surreal painters - Jaroslaw Kukowski.
Jaroslaw Kukowski - two of his famous paintings. 

Another two are about Siena, Sienese art and painters. Last June when in Siena I discovered a few surreal works made in XIII/XIV century. It totally blew me away.
The last post is about an exhibition at the Tate Modern in London - Poetry and Dream. The whole concept is a kind of nonsense, tightly stretched but nevertheless there are two De Chirico's there.

Now, I have to nominate five other blogs which, like mine, have less than 200 followers. And here the problems begin for me. I don't know enough blogs with excellent content with less than 200 followers. I can only think about one blog that I mention here below.
If you have any suggestion about interesting blogs about art, literature, politics, history, science or other issues, who have enriched the blogosphere and deserve more recognition, visits and linking, please let me know.

Here is the first blog:
http://econnexus.org/blog/  - A brilliant, excellently written blog that aims to enlighten people about "The Ecological/Economic Nexus"; what the Economist magazine calls "the challenges posed by the “three Fs”—food, fuel and the financial credit crunch" and to help provide solutions to those challenges. It also provide information on what we as individuals can do to help alleviate these problems.

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