19 March 2008

Arthur C. Clarke- 2001: A Space Odyssey Trailer

Just saw on BBC that Arthur C.Clarke dies today. He was born in my lovely Somerset,in Minehead.
Searching on YouTube found this video - Official 2001: A Space Odyssey Trailer
"A Space Odyssey" is Clarke's best-known book, a great book with a vision of extra-terrestrial civilisations. The movie is great, too. Absolutely one of the best of Kubrick's Movies

(From AFP news) Arthur C. Clarke was a visionary, born on December 16, 1917 first attracted attention after the Second World War when he wrote an article predicting satellites would make global broadcasts a reality -- years ahead of their time.

Drawn to Sri Lanka in 1956 by scuba diving, which the British author said was as near as he could get to the weightlessness of space, he lived in an "electronic cottage" from which he communicated with the world using computers and radios.

Clarke, who suffered from post-polio syndrome and was in later years confined to a wheelchair, was paid just 15 pounds for the theory that led to a satellite industry worth billions of dollars.

"People say I could have made a lot of money if I applied for a patent," Clarke recounted in the strong Somerset burr that he kept all his life. "I did not get a patent because I never thought it will happen in my lifetime."

After a varied career as an author, underwater explorer, space promoter and science populariser, he said in his last public message marking his 90th birthday in December he would like to be recalled mainly as an author.

"I want to be remembered most as a writer -- one who entertained readers, and, hopefully, stretched their imagination as well," Clarke said; "I have no regrets and no more personal ambition."

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