24 March 2008

Surrealist Artist - Jaroslaw Kukowski

His name is Jaroslaw Kukowski and you should know about him. Why? Because he is a great artist.
He was born on 11 April 1972 in Tczew, Poland. In his paintings he deals with moral and social issues in a controversial manner. Early in his artistic career, his works, which were regarded as symbolic, were filled with drama and sadness. Full of pain, deformed human figures along with mystic creatures were depicted against the background of surrealistic landscapes. He defined this series of works as Undreams. During another period, he lightened his palette when he became interested in nudes; nevertheless, even there, a viewer can perceive the brand of disintegration and passing time. In another stage of his artistic career, he moved back to his early works, but despite fairer colouring, his work became more and more ironic and provocative. In 2001, some of his works were removed from an exhibition in The Gallery SD following complaints from some members of the audience.

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