26 September 2011

From my new surreal/fantastic series - The Blueberry Lovers

This is the first painting from the surreal/fantastic series 'The Blueberry Lovers'. We have a boy called Blueberryer and a girl called Blueberryess. They are very much in love. But Blueberry Land is full of sophisticated robots, dangerous insects, unforeseen and unpredictable phenomena. Blueberry Land is also a land of mad scientists with their insane but at the same time brilliant inventions. The Quantum Blueberry Land.

This is the beginning of their story:

There is a golden night in Blueberry Land. The Blueberryer is cycling on his golden bike. He is in a hurry; he is worried about his Blueberryess. She is hidden in a golden cage. She was hidden there by a vicious Spider-witch. The witch wants to suck the delicious blueberry sweet-scented juicy life from the Blueberryess. Can the Blueberry Biker arrive in time to rescue his lover? Can they live together happily ever after in Blueberry Land?

"Blueberry Biker on his way to his lover hidden in a golden cage"

Own technique on canvas, 40 cm x 40 cm; 2011 (sold)

Detail - Blueberry Biker 

Detail - the spider's golden cage 


Lech said...

I really love the alien biker and his crazy bike.. Colors are beautiful too super duper

Mikołaj said...

Like the painting, it's different than what you painted during the last months. Something else, but positive Nice title as well. I can see it all

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Muminek said...

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