12 December 2011

From my Series Blueberryland

Blueberryland – The adventure in the Blueberry Hole
Blueberryland is full of unpredictable and unexpected phenomena.
The Adventure in the Blueberry Hole - acrylics on canvas 40 cm x 40 cm
by Kasia B.Turajczyk
 Just when Blueberryer and Blueberryess wanted to go for a nice, evening walk suddenly out of the blue a golden and blue hole opened its mouth and both of them were taken into a new adventure. Maybe they could even wake up in a new Universe? Can they survive inside the blueberry hole? Is there a way to escape from it? Is the blueberry hole less dangerous than an ordinary black hole? Can Blueberryer rescue his Blueberryess without his Golden bike?

A detail from The Adventure in the Blueberry Hole


Novelty Pens said...

Beautiful work! I love the depth of the blues and shades in between.

Muminek said...

Thank you Novelty Pens.........

Anime said...

Can I Link Your Photos?

meditative music said...

You are a genuine artist.