30 August 2014

Return of Peter Pan - by Kasia Turajczyk

Do we really have to give up our dreams and allow society to rule our lives? It starts from the moment that we are born: “You have to do so, you have to behave in this way, you can’t say that, you can’t do that, don’t look like that, don’t move, don’t cry, don’t laugh, don’t think, don’t breath”.
Lying is a bad thing to do but telling the truth isn’t good either.  When you grow up society expects from you to have a job, to make money, to find a partner to reproduce new offspring and after that do the same to them what your parents did to you; program them.
To Be or Not To Be - by Kasia Turajczyk
For thousands of years humans have agreed to be so and to do so.  Without any guarantee that our lives will be better, happier or healthier. The primitive instinct to procreate and the other strong instinct; to stay alive, occupy the humans’ minds.    It is encoded in our universal DNA even if we know we all die, eventually; and that our death is often despicable and undeserved.
We are working with persistence to develop new technologies, to make our lives easier but at the same time to destroy each other with more sophistication. We created a kind of civilisation, but it is very primitive. To be true we didn’t change as homo sapience a lot the last 10000 years. Wars, conflicts, exploitation, slavery, deceptions, envy, propaganda, jealousy and the all surrounding fear control our existence.
The best way to survive in this world it is to find your inner child and escape into that reality; hide there and wait till the end of your life.
Puella aeterna and puer eaternus are the heroes of my series entitled “Peter Pan”.  

This is not a Paradise - by Kasia Turajczyk

I think that becoming a mature person isn’t synonym for better. Definitely, it doesn’t mean better life. To stay a child for ever is only the one possible alternative to survive in this horrible world.  Contrary the physiologists arguments……..Live Long Peter Pan!  Voilà

The Loony Bin of Life - by Kasia B. Turajczyk

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