15 April 2008

Jan Szancer and Tomasz Setowski, only a randomness or not?

Since I saw the first paintings of Tomasz Setowski, one thought was going and going and going through my cranium (or skull will be better?) that I already once, in the past saw this kind of style somewhere, somehow. Every time I have looked on an image of one of his paintings I had a kind of déjà vu. The fact that I couldn't find what is was or who, made me in some way mad. But few days ago......I got it.....Eureka. The mysterious person from the past has been Jan Marcin Szancer. I have no idea of Tomasz Setowski would admit it or not but his style has lots in common with Jan Szancer. And there is 99% of certainty that he saw as a child the illustrations in books made by Szancer. Every polish child knew, knows and will know " Akademię Pana Kleksa" written by Jan Brzechwa and illustrated by Szancer ( Academy of Mr Blot). It is a magical book, one of the most charming, fantastic, humorous, imaginary and intelligent children books. Believe me, I am an expert in the literature, and I read all the most important children books from all over the world (some in original language edition – Dutch, German, English, Polish and Russian).Those books about Mr Blot (they are 3 books about Mr Blot) belong to the fantasy books.

Jan Marcin Szancer (November 12,1902March 24, 1973) was a famous Polish illustrator. He studied at Kraków's Academy of Fine Arts, and later in France and Italy. Szancer illustrated more than 240 books. Most of those books are children's books but there were also some serious illustrations for adult's books. Szancer possessed unlimited imagination. His illustrations teach, amuse, build a vision of a magic world of imagination and give us a chance to escape into another universe.

Here some more of Szancer's illustrations.

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