15 April 2008

Tomasz Setowski-the next exhibition.

Nadejscie wiosny - Tomasz Setowski ( the Arrival of the Spring)

For the 'lovers' of Tomasz Setowski's art, I have some new information.

The next his big exposition is in Dubai, in April. This is a great occasion to visit Dubai, the most hot and hip and sky-scraping place of this moment.

For those under us who are not exceptional rich but still would like to see the work of mr. Setkowski, I have a nice announcement. There is a great possibility in Poland to see his work and during the whole year round. Namely, in Częstochowa mr. Sętowski has own Gallery with his own paintings, of course. I am planning to be there at the end of May. I hope to see you there too.

Here the address, the name of the gallery and the phone/email.

Muzeum Wyobraźni - Galeria autorska Tomasza Sętowskiego
ul.Oławska 2
Częstochowa 42-200

tel: 034 366 66 28
email: muzeum_wyobrazni@O2.pl


Anonymous said...

isnt Tomasz Setowski's art wild! I love his work. Artsz

KasiaTurajczyk said...

Hi Jennifer. This is peculiar that you described his art as wild....for me they are a creation of a brain of a scientist ........they are wild in the matter of using the colours and the quantity of things, creatures and stories that he puts on his paintings.....but wild in general.....no...
I love it that you think so different than I, can you explain me more about this 'wild' matter?



Anonymous said...


I tend to agree with Jennifer. This art seems to me quite wild, just because of the reasons you set forth. The creatures, stories and so forth. It seems to me a combination of surrealism and fantasy art

KasiaTurajczyk said...

Hi David,

I still don't think/ think is probably wrong word/sense his work as wild. I stood in front of his paintings and I was fascinated by the colours and the imagination of the creator. Wildness no.....